A new Hub for your Qlik Sense apps

Transform the whole experience of using your Qlik Sense panels and mashups with NewHub.

The Qlik apps portal you’ve always wanted

Customized Home

Through the Qlik Sense Management Console, define which apps should appear in the NewHub home page. Each app can display key numeric indicators.

Your branding

We install NewHub right in your own environment with your own branding, such as logo and custom colour pallettes that shape your visual identity.

Activity Feed

Find out which apps have been updated, when and by whom.

Mobile First

We designed NewHub to deliver the best Smartphones and Tablets experience, rather than just a Desktop experience.

No need for any additional infrastructure

NewHub works as a “plug and play” mashup.
You install the extension in your existing Qlik Sense environment and define which apps and mashups should appear on the Dashboard. That’s it!

* NewHub does not interfere or aim to replace the standard Qlik Sense Hub. This way you do not lose the functionality and power the Native Hub offers, while still leveraging a new and simplified experience for strategic users, or for your entire organization.


Track the latest app and mashup updates in the activity feed, located in the right-side bar.


You can see key metrics for each App straight from the NewHub Home page. All at once.


Using custom QMC properties, you can freely group and re-group your apps in the Menu.

User Avatars

Users can add or change their avatars with just one click, directly from the end-user interface.

Experience native applications as if they were mashups

You can view your native Qlik Sense applications with colors that match your NewHub palette, delivering a complete user experience. The best part: no HTML or CSS edits are needed within the Dev-Hub.

Navigating our Qlik Sense dashboards has become more intuitive and showcasing our custom visual identity


Find your Native Applications and Mashups on the same portal.


Qlik Sense panels are embedded in iframes, keeping their parameters inside the URL.


Pay per each user per month.
Ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of Qlik Sense.


info@clusterdesign.com.br / +55 (48) 98453-9882 / +55 (48) 3206-5665

Full name:





Number of users/tokens:

You are downloading NewHub free for 5 (five) users.
In order to be able to release your access, the first time you enter NewHub on your Qlik server, we will automatically get the following information: Host Name, User Name, and Qlik Installation ID. This data is protected and stored only for the purpose of controlling and releasing your users to NewHub.
If at any time you wish to stop using NewHub and want to remove your data, simply send an email to info@clusterdesign.com.br with this request stating your Qlik user name.